Ticking Of The Clock

by Martin Penalver


Ticking of the clock is the second book in the trilogy 'Laws of the Angel' and brings many of the characters from the first book back to life as well as adding new faces with new moments of love, hope and despair. Share the journey as Martin Penalver writes what can only be described as a heart wrenching, beautiful story with twists that will leave you breathless. The clock is ticking...

Ticking Of The Clock

Misty grey dawn cracks open the morn as fumes rise all around
Wispy grey head surfaces from the bed, in that small little terrace in that small little town
A sniff and a cough as he puts on the clothes he took off, a shuffling towards the next room,
The rountines the same for now gone is his fame, overcast with a shadow of doom

Quick brush and shave, a splash and a bathe, he is ready for all that lies ahead
One more lonely day with not much to say, till again he visits his bed
Leaving his secure home, down the streets he does roam, trudging slowly, head bowed low,
A child speeds past, that bike seems so fast in a world that is never as slow

The shopkeeper smiles and chats for a while, gossip he understands little,>br> Does not buy too much so as not to keep out of touch, feeling the bones become more brittle
A goodbye smile and a wave, one more week to save, our friend returns whence he came,
A mind so cleaver, now discusses only they weather and wishes it was not the same.

Lying deep within are stories fit for a king, yet no one seems to want to listen,
Not like yearas ago, when just like the snow, the eyes around him would glisten.
With faces alight all through the night, the tals would brighten the fire,
In a time he felt pride, with his wife by his side and his dreams to fulfil the desire.

As the clock ticks on by i see a tear in his eye, teacup trembles as the pain comes again,
Gathers his composure, it was the factories closure, he just couldnt remember when
So much to give, knowledge in a life we cant live, the wisdom is stored in his head
Life feels so bleak for this living antique, now just the cat to be fed.

Darkness comes around stealing in the TV sound, our friend gets ready for sleep,
Tomorrow to try, nothing asking himself why, the climb is becoming so steap
Eyes close again, cast his mind to back then, that beautiful girl in the frock,
Time takes control and god takes his soul, no more ticking of the clock.

Martin Penalver (original August 21st 1997), (edited 13th October 2000)


    Released December 2010

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