River of Dreams (Laws of the Angel trilogy)

by Martin Penalver

   December 2012 |    Client: Libros


The year is 2010. Earth is suffering and the faith of mankind has yet to face its most demanding test. It will be the decisions of many that will shape our future. The world, the Church, two children and an assassin will play their part in those choices in this, the third novel by highly acclaimed author Martin Penalver.

Penalver spins a web of intrigue as the fast-paced book jumps from Italy to Eritrea, London to Ethiopia. River of Dreams has something for everyone: murder, revenge, betrayal, love and corporate gluttony as the author flirts with humankind’s greatest failings... greed and temptation. In a stunning, unputdownable climax, the four main plots come together in a ‘Pulp Fiction’ type finale – only better. This is a modern-day masterpiece, the final book in the trilogy, Laws of the Angel.